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How to Use Governance Online Meetings

Governance Online meetings can take many shapes, but the main factor to successful governance meetings is that participants are able to communicate with one another in the same way that they would if they were participating in person. This includes sharing screens using video and voice calling, and allowing instant answers to questions. This means that any person can be forced to leave a meeting at any time, if they are disruptive or unintentional. They should also be notified via email immediately, with a written record.

The chairman, or the presiding officer of the meeting, should keep here are the findings about Online Meetings the process on schedule. The ideal governance meetings include an agenda with strict time frames for each item. This will ensure that the legal requirements for governance are followed as well, and if an external party is reviewing the governance session, they might examine the evidence.

Ideally, governance meetings should be scheduled for every week, however this isn’t always feasible for all teams. If you’re just beginning with Roles, it is best to schedule your first few meetings close together. As your team gets more comfortable working in Roles, you may reduce the frequency of your meetings.

It is also helpful to have a few check-in calls between governance meetings to keep the team in touch and provide a chance for those with concerns or questions to discuss their concerns. It’s also a great way to strengthen the relationships between the senior leadership team.

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