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Virtual Data Solutions for M&A, Due Diligence, and Other Use Cases

Virtual data solutions create a single source of truth for all data in the enterprise, making it immediately available to analytics and applications, without the expense, complexity, and time of traditional physical data warehouses or ETL. It integrates diverse data sources both on-premises and in the cloud and transforms it into user-friendly views, and delivers it to applications and analytics at any time. It also eliminates redundant data replication and reduces operational expenses by using the use of a single repository.

Due Diligence

Both the buy-side as well as the sell-side will often need to examine documents to assess the results of an M&A transaction. VDRs offer a secure, organized environment for uploading, viewing and reviewing data. In addition, built-in features, such as watermarks and screenshot prevention and customizable permissions can prevent leaks of confidential information throughout the negotiation process.

Life Sciences

In the pharmaceutical industry, the use of VDRs to manage sensitive data has become more common. The demand for this technology is expanding for other applications such as regulatory compliance, clinical trials and other uses.

There are a variety of methods to select the best virtual data solution, including their pricing structure, feature sets and security capabilities. It is important that the vendor you select can meet your business’s requirements in terms of performance in terms of scalability, support and functionality. Most vendors offer a variety of different plans with various levels of features and storage sizes to meet the needs of a variety of needs at a predictable, constant cost.

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